Tips on Making Customized Whisky at Home

The lovers of alcohol love to take whiskey that has a great taste. People prefer to do the aging for themselves instead of buying an already aged alcohol. This can be done at home with ease. Many people are preferring to make their customized whiskey by buying ingredients and doing the aging for themselves. This article explains how you can make your whiskey at home: Know Your Top Shelf Liquor Before You Order That Drink. Check it out!

Treat the oak before using it. One of the ways of doing this is by using a charred oak. This is the same as the one you use to make barbecue. Use your cigar torch to char the oak. 

Buy a barrel for the aging process. The barrel should be small in size. This allows room for quicker evaporation as well as enhancing oxygen exchange. Put the oak cubes in the barrel. Fill the half of the barrel with odorless grain alcohol.

Put whiskey essence into the container. One liter of alcohol should be added one bottle of essence. Fill the remaining the other half with the same odorless alcohol and put a lid on the barrel. Leave a small head space to allow for shaking of the liquor. Put the barrel in a freezer for around 24 hours. The cold is good in squeezing the alcohol inside out the oak. Allow the barrel to be hit by the sun for another twenty-four hours.

Keep the container sealed for about two weeks. Open after two weeks. You can from time to time open the lid and allow some oxygen to get into the liquor. You should place the liquor in a warm place. This enhances the speed with which aging of the liquor takes place. The liquor should have changed color that makes the brewer desire to take it immediately. It should also have an enhanced sweetness. Taste the liquor to establish its taste. In case you enjoy the taste then you can pack in bottles for you to drink it every time you are relaxing. Know that you can age your own whiskey. You can want to age it further if it is not tasting the way you had anticipated. Do not age it for too long lest it loses its flavor.

The steps outline will help you to have a great tasting whiskey. The internet is a great resource for information. You can browse and see the various ways that people are utilizing to make customized whiskey. This will allow you to add more skill to the one you have found here and thereby have a very pleasant drink.

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